You may have been wondering, just what has that big grey goofball been up to? I haven’t posted in a while because we have just been super busy!

So the big news, as some of you have already seen if you follow my Facebook page, is that Envy put in a great performance on May 29, just one week after his first horse show, to come in second in his first race of 2016!

IMG_6355 (1)

I know some of you may be wondering, well what about Great Meadows? He didn’t end up racing there. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I honestly just find the whole thing really upsetting. Suffice to say the jockey mistreated Envy before the race, Envy thankfully sustained only a temporary injury, which could have easily been much much worse. Due to that incident his owners decided not to run him and he was scratched. It was very disappointing and upsetting. Officials in the racing industry did respond quickly and decisively regarding the incident.

SO… enough about that. I never want to think about that again, which is why I haven’t written about it.

Back to his 2nd place at Presque Isle Downs… we were all wondering how he would handle the paddock and everything and with typically Envy aplomb he let the bad experience go and behaved really well the whole time and ran a good race 🙂 So proud of my buddy!

Here is video of the race!

Otherwise we have had some problems to work out due to Envy being used for two different and somewhat oppositional jobs. The track surface is a synthetic poly called Tapeta. It’s really nice for the horses to run on, but with shoes it provides a little too much ‘grab’ for some horses and creates extra torque on the legs. My arena surface is sand, limestone and rubber and it’s a bit abrasive for barefoot horses. So for my training, having shoes on Envy would be ideal. We tried a compromise of just front shoes and using No Vibe Queens Plates (a racing shoe) but it was putting extra stress on Envy’s legs so we had to remove them. He ended up being a bit foot sore due to taking off the shoes, his feet being freshly trimmed and an early morning jaunt (breeze speed gallop) around my XC field and up and down the dirt road, when he and his partner in crime pulled one over on Chris and got loose one morning.

So we recently had a vet look at Envy to make sure there was no issues with the front ankles and I ordered Renegade hoof boots for his front feet. Lets hope they work because right now they are the only real viable solution to the problem. If not I’ll definitely be set back a bit with how much we can progress and how quickly because I’ll only be able to ride him on the grass field as weather/footing allows. Envy is a race horse first and a TB Makeover horse second, which we all always agreed on, so what will be will be! So cross your parts that these Renegade boots work… I’m sure it’ll take some getting used to for poor Envy. He thought the extremely lightweight racing shoes were weird. These are a good deal more substantial.


Oh and for those of you who are interested in keeping up with Envy’s races, he is entered at PID on June 19th! So stay tuned for more excitement. Also, it looks like Envy will make his Eventing debut probably mid- July at South Farm’s mini trial. Thats what we are aiming for anyways, wish us luck!


Just what has Mr. Bid been up to??

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