Yesterday I rode Envy in my dressage saddle for the first time. He seemed to like it! He did super – some really nice walk and trot work with transitions where he stayed pretty level and steadier in the bridle than I expected! He also had some moments where he really lifted his back and used himself and began to swing. I was thrilled with him. He also stood in the ring while I adjusted jumps for Chris and was just all around very well behaved. He is settling into our routine.

Envy: “I’m a dressage horse?… Okay.”

Today Chris and I took Envy and Daphne to the track to breeze. For Daphne its another workout to get her ready for the upcoming races at PID. For Envy it’s his final breeze to prepare for what will hopefully be his first race next weekend at Great Meadows in VA. We will find out in the next couple days if he got into the race.

Envy: “I’m a racehorse?… Okay.”

Envy: “I’m a Thoroughbred. I can do it all.”

Dressage and Great Meadows Prep Breeze

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