Yesterday I wanted to take a break from dressage and just have a little fun with Envy. He’s been working hard and it seemed like he needed a mental break. So we did a little trot warm up and then I trotted him over a lot of different small cross rails around the arena. He was super and after a handful of them he really started to get into it and wanted to take me to them! So then we tried the blue line with a cross rail and a small vertical. After a few goes we had a really good effort and I quit with that. Thrilled with him!!

I also have a challenge from his owner to get him to stand nicely for fly spraying on a lead rope. Apparently he is bad about that and turns into a high speed carousel horse. So we will be working on that!

Here are the videos of our trips down the blue line:

First time – He’s not so sure about things:

Second time – He wonders if he can just go around the second jump:

Third time – I drop my left rein over the first jump (stupid RA hands!), but he is super good and all business:

Fourth time – Pretty darn good! Good Boy!

Our First Jump Schooling!

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