Envy is one of the lucky ones.

He was loved before he put one hoof on the ground. He has Belinda, who wanted to bring him into the world. Who carefully chose his sire and dam and once he was born, raised him with care and attention. When he was old enough to train, that was done with care as well. He didn’t run in his first race until he was ready, at 3 1/2 years old, much later than most start their racing careers. He is still with Belinda as his race trainer, and most race horses don’t get that sort of continuity in their lives.

Envy is also loved by his exercise rider and assistant trainer. Chris cares about Envy a lot and has been his main exercise rider for gallops and breezing Envy’s whole life. He has a personal and long standing relationship and bond with the horse, which is a great benefit.

Envy also managed to make me fall for him, somewhat against my will! It wasn’t because he is big and grey and gorgeous. It was because of his goofy, sweet, kind personality and his keen intelligence. He’s a pretty amazing horse. I believe every horse is special and certain horses are just meant to connect with certain people. Envy and I bonded quickly and I knew I’d found another soulmate horse. I’ve been lucky to have a few of those in my life. I’ve loved plenty of other horses, but those few are different. You understand them and can feel the connection of communication between you.

Even my husband, who made a feeble attempt at grumpy resistance to jumping on the Envy bandwagon at first…eventually waved a white flag. Envy charmed him and now he asks, “When is Envy coming? Seems like something is missing around here without him.” or “So when Envy is done racing, we’ll have to figure out another stall in the main barn for him, huh?” (Instead of the East Barn on our property, that houses Belinda’s horses during the race season.) So as much as Dear Husband might try to deny it, I know he’s already in love with Envy, too.

And just recently, I have “met” more people online and on Facebook who have known Envy for a long time, or his whole life and who also love him. They are excited about his racing career and have been so supportive about his entry as a Retired Racehorse Project Makeover competitor. If Envy didn’t have me, or didn’t have Belinda, he would still have many soft places to land. Just one of those places is Winterfell Farm, whose mission it is to facilitate off the track thoroughbred in transitioning into their new lives, careers and homes. And thats just one, there are many other people who care deeply for this horse.

So… how did he get so lucky? Why is he so blessed while other horses at the end of their racing careers end up with no one looking out for them? Those horses are just as special, or could be, to someone. I fully believe they just haven’t found the person they have that connection with yet. Or maybe they did and that person lost track of them and cannot find out where they are. There are tons of good horses out there, just waiting for the right person to see in them, their individuality…. what makes them who they are and to treasure that.

I’m hoping that Envy can be an ambassador for the Thoroughbred Breed… and ignite in people an interest and love of ex-racehorses (or current racehorses!) and inspire them to look at an OTTB as their partner. He re-ignited my passion for the Thoroughbred, which had long been dormant, so he has a knack for it. Besides, he thinks there HAS to be more to life that just being really, really ridiculously good looking! 😉


Lucky in Love

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