Envy has been keeping busy! We have been battling tender feet and pulled shoes all season, which has cut into his training time for the TB Makeover. But with typical Envy aplomb he just takes everything in stride and shows off just how awesome the Thoroughbred breed can be!

We competed in our second mini trial in August where he placed 7th adding only one rail to his dressage score of 38.7, which was less than 2 points off the leader of the division. It was a 9.6 point improvement over our score at South Farm so I was super excited. He had one minor Ooopsie where he stumbled badly in our test but recovered very well. I could not have been happier with him given the time we’ve been able to put into preparing. He was also a rockstar for stadium and foot perfect cross country, including a pretty big up bank and a ditch. I was very very happy with him and we are ready to start schooling BN height for sure. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to ride Envy since then – he’s been busy with track stuff and he bruised his heels so he is having time off for that. Videos for the mini trials are in my previous post!

… but now for the BIG NEWS…

ENVY WON HIS LAST RACE!! I am so proud of him and happy for his owners/trainer Jason and Belinda Whitson. They deserve all the best. And to top it all off, Envy is even more amazing because he races DRUG FREE. No lasix, no anything. 100% pure horsepower.

Here is Envys race video (be warned there is screaming at the end haha!):


Lots of Little Victories and One Big Win!

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